Friday, 23 September 2016

Little gardens love The Arts!

After a suggestion by Mrs O we tried singing, dancing and playing the guitar to help our little gardens grow. 

It also helps that we are having a beautiful week of sunshine!

Any more suggestions whanau?


  1. Hi I never you needed to sing,dance and play the guitar to make your plants to grow well maybe you should do that with water and singing and dancing.
    from Billie-Jean and Caitlin

  2. Kia ora Mamaku three I'ts Kaede here. Our plants are growing fabulous maybe we should keep singing and dancing because I think it's helping. Maybe when we get the time to go plant them in the school garden.

  3. kia ora! I like the idea about sinning to the plants. next time I will try it!

  4. Kia ora Its layken . singing to the plant is a good idea. Did it work? I hope it did.

  5. Kia Ora M3 It is Leah commenting
    I never thought of the idea to sing and dance to them I think it might of made them grow better because they were happier.
    I might try doing that to my plants.
    Do you think it worked?
    From Leah

  6. Hi my name is Cameron and I am from Saint Patrick's school in Auckland. Today I have a buddy and his name was Paul. We both like the way how you thought of the idea of singing and dancing to the plants. Did you guys buy the plant or planted it?


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.