Thursday, 23 August 2018

The Journey of a Plastic Bag

This week at Grey Main School each class was set the challenge by Mrs O to create a video clip about respecting the environment.  Here is our video clip about the dreaded plastic bag. 

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Term 3 Assembly

On Friday Mamaku 2 presented our learning from term 3 so far in assembly. Here is a slide showing the learning we shared for those of you who were unable to come.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Arthur's Pass Camp 2018

In term 1 we had our class camp in Arthur's Pass which is an alpine village just over an hour away from Greymouth.  We stayed there for two nights and enjoyed a variety of activities including tramping, river crossing, search and rescue missions, blindfolded sensory trails through the bush and orienteering.  We had a fantastic time and here are some photos from our trip.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Streeeeeetching Sentences

Throughout the year we are focusing on using description to enhance our writing across genres.  We have started writing descriptive paragraphs to go with our science inquiry.  Our initial sentences were a little boring so Mrs P set us a challenge.  In groups we were given one of the sentences that many of us had used in our initial paragraphs.  The sentence we were given was:  The Nikau Palm is a tree.  I think you will all agree that this sentence could be improved upon!  We then got to chop up this sentence and add/delete/rearrange words until we were satisifed that we had made an awesome descriptive sentence.  Here are some of the sentences we came up with.

We all really enjoyed this activity and then went back and worked on stretching some of the sentences in our individual writing.  Now we are going to look at starting sentences in a variety of ways to add interest.

Place Value Problem Solving

In Mamaku we love working in cooperative groups.  This week we completed two different place value problem solving activities in our cooperative teams.  On Tuesday we did a problem solving race solving problems like the one below.  We had seven problems to solve together.  

Then on Friday we did an open-ended problem solving challenge where we had to come up with as many different solutions to the given problem that we could.  Check out our individual blogs to see all of the amazing solutions we came up with.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

What Am I?

Today Mrs P brought an object to school that she had found.  In groups we had to first predict what we thought it was. Then we as scientists were allowed to ask her yes or no questions and use our chromebooks to investigate.  
We all managed to determine what it was and found alot of interesting information along the way.  
What do you think it is?  
Ask us some questions to find out. Later in the week we will post on our individual blogs what we found out.  
What is this?

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

From the garden to the table.

In the next couple of weeks many of our school classes are going on school camp.  Our class is going on an alpine camp to Arthur's Pass where we are going to be tramping, river crossing, orienteering and search & rescuing. We can't wait!  
In preparation for school camps our Deputy Principal, Mr B, brought some ingredients from his garden at home into the classroom.  He was going to use these ingredients to make something with a group of senior students.  Then all classes will get to take some of the finished product to use on camp.  We had to identify the ingredients and then deduct what we thought he was going to make.  
Here are some photos of the ingredients.  Can you name them all?  What do you think he was going to make?