Friday, 27 June 2014

We have been doing a whole bunch of weird and wacky writing this term!
We are trying to use descriptive words and add detail to our writing. Here are some of our stories describing a process (from the perspective of food!). Poor food...

Sliced Orange!
I’m walking into the kitchen, I hear the floor boards crack, the room I’m in is filled with mist there’s  very low visibility.I see an orange with some filthy dust all over it, trying to look innocent. I’m holding a knife with all my strength.
I feel the power of the knife just before I slice it in half, then WHAM !!
The orange has been cut in half, all the juice goes all directions including my eyes , I scream in tears.
I hear footsteps, I drop everything I have in my hands, I jump out  the window. Somebody enters the room, it’s a man wearing a long cloak  and a long beard. I think hes very angry , I ran away with laughter ” he he ha ha ” I say!!
Written by Bryan
Grating Cheese
I rush into the room and the floorboard creak. I see a lonely slice of cheese. I can hear it snapping and screaming with aggression. As I grate it, I feel like the strongest person in the universe. The innocent cheddar cheese finally makes it’s last effort to survive. The grater reflects the blazing sun on my eye’s, I black out.THE END
Written by Joseph
Sausage in a pan.
I was sitting on a freezing plate, suddenly the tongs grabbed me tightly, it wasn’t comfortable being carried to the pan.  The pan was very hot it went sizzle, sizzle.  The tongs dropped me in the steaming hot pan.  I’m feeling hotter and hotter, it hurts, I am getting burnt.
Written by Royden
Poor Food
The sound of the can screaching help as the can opener is getting closer and closer. No,no. Then flercly ripping through the metal can and zig zaging it’s way through. The can is screaming desperately for help . But no help comes.
Written by Cameron

The Poor Apple
The apple was sitting with his friends in the bowl. Snatch an apple the apple ahh! said the apple. Peel the smooth crust and hear the crunching blades. I could hear the apple say  please don’t hurt me Sniff Sniff! watch the curling crust fall. As you stab it with a sharp knife , juice ozzes out of the sweet apple out onto the shiny glass plate and that was the end of the apple.
Written by Yana
Cracking an Egg
Slowly opening the fridge door,getting out the cartoin eggs. I start to open the lid staring at them . I pick one up feeling the smooth shell . I’m ready to crack it on the side of the bowl . I crack! hearing the shell crunch on the side of of  bowl . The egg made a big plop! I can slightly hear it saying “don’t stab that fork in my guts because I already feel horrible because I’m naked . They can see my beady eyes ready to stab them with the fork . The yolk is just sitting there shaking . The softshell droped on the floor. I just stabbed it and then a bid ah. All of a sudden lightning struck and the egg was ruined.
Written by Mya

Grating the Cheese
I grab the grate from the pantry.
Riped open a packet of cheese with my bear hands .
I rub the cheese against the grater .
I hear squeaking it is coming from the cheese, crying, hoping it will let it go.
 The cheese is getting shorter and shorter losing its body and friends. The grater is cutting strips off. The cheese is no more.
I can not wait until it is diner time.
Written by Jack Thompson

Slicing Cheese
The new block of edam  cheese sits  next to the mouldy half eaten block of cheese in the corner of the fridge.
I went to open the fridge door as I opened the fridge door I heard a creak that goes to show how old it is.
I reached my hand into the fridge and picked up the block of cheese.
I put the block of cheese on the bench then went back to the fridge and  slammed the door shut!
I got the silver sharp knife out of the the draw…
I raised the knife over the cheese I can slightly hear the cheese saying “Please don’t kill me!”
Smash the the knife split the block of cheese in half.
Written by Paris