Monday, 29 June 2015

My art

I made this E as one of my main stars

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Delaunay's Disks

Some of our first attempts at re-creating Delaunay' Disks. Pretty good we think!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Haylee's Stage 5 Maths assessment

Haylee has been working really hard over the last few weeks on proving she is moving past Stage 5 in Numeracy.
Here is her Presentation!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Hi my name is Jayden
My age:9
My hobbies:Are playing on my xbox 360 and playing with my 11 year old sister.
My favourite colour is:yellow
favourite subject @ school:writing I love writing because i get to make up cool stories so can other people.
What is special about  Greymouth:Greymouth has a lot history behind it and that’s why I love Greymouth.
What do you do for fun?   

What do you like your town?

Caleb R

Hi my name is caleb  I am 9 I like steam hobbies are being nice and maths  . I am in room 13 at Grey Main School. What is special about grey main school ? prep, prep is where we start up little companies and have little markets and sell things we make.what is special to you and why it’s special to you ? What do you do to have fun?

Alex D

My name is Alex
My hobbies are rugby,biking and scootering
I'm 9 years old.
My favourite colour is blue.
we have 347 students at our school,
My favourite subject is maths,
How many students are at your school ?

What is the weather like in your town ?


My name is Royden and I am 11 years old.
My favourite colour is purple.
I like to spell words in order and I like being a word master.
My favourite food is chocolate.
At  school I have a trolley bike to practise riding.  I go horse riding on Tuesdays.


Hi my name is nikalai and im nine and im room 13.
My favourite hobbies are 1st rugby 2nd leage and finally 3rd drawing.
My favourite colour is red and my favourite subject in school is probably maths.
I like Greymain School because of the play ground and my friend’s.I like Greymouth because it is always peaceful.

What do you like about your school?What’s your weather like?

Alex F

Hi my name is Alex Fraser
My age is 10
My favorite movie is the waking dead and the lego movie.  At my school there are 347 kids. My friends are josh jayen max reilly royden alexd
summer jessica xavier and nikala. My family is me my sister my mum my dad.My pets I have are 2 dogs and 9 cats
My hobbies are league scootering bmxing swimming movies games and  ets.
How many people are in your school ?
Do you like scootering ?  


Hi my name is Ella.
I am 10 years old.
I like doing sports and art.
My favourite colours are purple and blue.
I like all subjects at school but I am really good at maths.
I live in the west coast of the south Island in moana just out of greymouth.
There is a beautiful scenery in moana.
There is a cool lake just down the road from me.
I live with my Mum,Dad and my sister Lily.
We live on a farm.
We have 2 dogs they are called Poppy and Joe we have lot’s of cows and are neighbours have 8 chickens and 1 dog called Blaze.
I go to greymain school in greymouth.
Greymouth is really busy for such a small town.
We get lot’s of rain.

What is your school called?
How many kids go to your school?
What is your weather like?


Hi my name is Josh
and Im 10 and i'm a year 6
My hobbies are rugby league and xbox.
And my favorite colour is blue my favorite
subject at school is Reading.
Greymain school has 347 kids.
Greymouth has no traffic lights and  it rains alot here.
We have are own school garden here.

Do you have a school garden?

How many kids do you have at your school?


Hi my is Jessica.
My age is 11, im a year six, my hobbies are art,netball,writing and fashoin
my favourtie colour is blue and green.
my favourite subject at school is writing, maths, art and topic
what is specalie about greymain school to me is that you get to learn new things.
whats specaile about about greymouth to me its busy like citys.
greymain facts: we have 347 kids at our school [wow thats a lot]
facts about me
i have a really big family i have about 30 cousens my mum my dad my step mu my step dad i have 6 sisters and 2 brothers.

questions for you...

question 1: how many kids do you have at your school?

question 2: how many friends do you have at your school?


Hi my name is Mackenzie Clark
My Age is 9yr
My hobbies are running’ sport
My favourite colours are blue
My favourite hobbies are rugby and Hunting
My gender is a Girl
My favourite subject @school  is Art, Maths, pe and reading
My school is Grey Main School
What is special about me? mMy hand-A little story about me- I had gone threw a glass door because  my little  brother slammed iton me
Questions How many people do you have in your school? We have 347.
How big is your school?
What is the name of your school?


Hi my name is  Reilly I am 9.   
My hobbies are rugby, Clash of Clans, gta5, Minecraft
My favourite colour is yellow.
My favourite subject at school is Maths and Reading.  
What is special about me? I wear glasses, I have 5 siblings, I go to bed at 9pm but in the weekend I go to bed at 11. My friends are Nikalai,  Xavier, Alex and Josh. Sometimes Greymouths weather is great sometimes not!
Whats the weather like where you live?         
Whats your favourite sport?


Hi my name is: zoe.
My age is: 9 I am turning 10 this year and I go to Greymain School.
My favourite hobbies are baking and  ni-ka-do because it is fun.
My Favourite colour is: pink.
My favourite subjects are reading,writing and maths.
Do you have traffic light? we dont.
Do you have fun at school? I do.
Greymouth is like a forest, we have fun in it.
From Zoe.


Hi my name is Summer Rhodes
I am 9yr
My hobbie are Gem stones  playing  with my dog Spike and basketball
My favourite colours are
Gold and Silver
My favourite subject @school -art,math,PE
Whats Special about me - I am gluten free
School - Grey Main School
  1. How many people do you have at your school?
we have 347
2. What is the name of your schools?


Hello my name is Yana
I am 10 years old and my favourite sports are netball and ripper rugby and my favorite colour is blue,purple and green.I really like all subjects at school but my favourite is reading.At school we have our own school garden and two playgrounds and two feilds. I am in room 13 and we have the nicest teacher ever!!!

Do you have a school garden?

What is your favourite sports?


Hello my name is Haylee.
I am 10 years old.My hobbies are netball and Ripper Rugby.My favourite coulors are Blue and Yellow and why I like them is because they go together.
I like all subjets at school but my favourite subject is reading.
Greymouth has heaps of special things but the most special thing is that Greymouth has a clock tower.Grey Main School has 18 classes.

Does your town have a clock tower?
How many people do you have in your school?
How many classes does your school have?


Hello my name is Emma     
I am  10 and im Rm 13
My hobbies are horse riding painting and hanging out with my friends
Sports that i do are netball and kung fu
My favourite colours are blue and  purple. My favourite Subject at School is maths.
What i think is  Special about greymain School-all the kind people and the people that help me at School like my friend Shakanna and my great teacher.
My pets are my cat Sotty and my dog Cass

Questions- What School do you go to? Where do you live? Do you have a pet in your School  because we don’t?



Hello my name is Shakanna.
I am ten  years old.
The sports I do are: Boxing and Kick Boxing
My hobbies are: Climbing trees,going out to the bush,playing MineCraft,Spending 1 hour or more on my phone,hanging with my Best friend Emma and going four wheel driving with my dad.
The amout of pets I have is: 41 fish,2 horses,2 bunnies,9 cats,2 dogs,4 goats and 1 baby goat.
My favourite subject at school is: Literacy
My favourite animals are: Rhino’s, cats (including wild cats) and horses.
My favourite colours are: Purple,black,cyan,blue,Bright green and red.
What is special about Grey Main:The people are nice and caring and show the Grey Main way.
My class is: Room 13 also Im in syd 3.
What i love about my class:Our teacher Miss Leigh is fun and funny, we have a class pet called Kumi (Kumi is a Kumra) and everyone is fun and nice!

What are the sports you do?

What is your favourite animal?

Do you have traffic lights? because GreyMouth does not have traffic lights.  


Hello my name is Kaleb.
I am 10 years old.
my hobbies are fishing & league.
In Greymouth it rains lots of times.
Our school has a wonderful garden.
We have 347 kids at our school .
How many kids at your school ?

Does your town or city have traffic lights? Greymouth doesn’t!


Hi my name is Rikki-lee  

My age is: 9 years old  

And my favourite colour is purple.
Also my hobbies are Cooking, bmx riding,bouncing on my tramp with my brother Vadim.

I go to Grey Main School in Greymouth. It is a wonderful school, go and check out our class blog. It is awesome and we have our own school Garden. The weather we have a lot is rain but all of last week was sunny- yay. I hope we have more sun for the long weekend!  

What is your weather like ?
Where is your school?  
Bye Bye

Monday, 1 June 2015

Hi Quadblogging Buddies!

Welcome to Room 13's Blog.
We are very excited to share some of our learning with you. Watch this space for updates...

(Us at Camp)

Getting stuck into the gardening

Well the weather has well and truly changed and the plants are slowing down for winter. Here are a few happy snaps from earlier in the term.

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