Monday, 3 March 2014

The BFG, a not so scary scarecrow!

In the first few weeks we were given the challenge of making a scarecrow to put into our school garden. Mrs O was getting sick of the bugs and bees eating the strawberries in our garden. We made a scarecrow which is 'The best BFG'(or so Room 9 says!). 

To build the BFG we used:
Bamboo to hold his arms up
Straw to stuff him with
A shirt and pants to dress him in
A wooden post to attach his body to
A pillow case to make his ears and nose
Zip ties to tie his arms and legs on
Buttons for eyes

The students in Room 9 did a wonderful job making their scarecrow, with lots of problem solving along the way!
A huge thank you to those who donated the materials. 
Don't forget to drop in and say g'day to our BFG.

Harold-Life Education

Harold! 2014

Room 9 went to Harold and helped with his homework. We had to put the body parts in the right place. Room 9 learnt that the liver has over 500 jobs to do! If you swallow your food it goes down your asophagus and goes around your large intestine. We learnt that the red vain is called an artery.
It was cool that Harold told us funny jokes!

By Ruby, Ella and Mya