Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Last year we grew a kumara in Room 13 and it was incredibly exciting! It just about took over our classroom, it grew so much!

Around spring we split up the shoots and planted them into pots in the greenhouse. We let them grow until the weather got warmer. Next we planted them out in the garden- they grew and grew and grew over the summer!

In Early Autumn the kumara were dug up and what-do-you know? More kumara! Syndicate 2 and Mamaku decided to have a roastie day. We roasted kumara, potato and pumpkin- all from our school garden!

This year we had 5 kumara that started to grow in Mr B's pantry. We gifted one to Te Hiringa, Room 8, Mamaku 1 and Mr McAulay's class at Paroa (Room 7).

We hope they all grow, BUT we hope that ours in the biggest!

Here's the progress so far...

PS. We still haven't decided on a name for our kumara, and I'm pretty sure it wont grow as well without a name! Any suggestions?

Planting Day

So far our biggest kumara shoot measures 6cm. Next measuring day is Friday the 27th! How much do you think he's grown?

We have grown to 27cm! Next week we are going to put the Kumi into the sun. We think he'll love it.

Week 3 Awards!

Well done Richard, Jacob, Oliver and Kaede for your hard work this week! Congratulations Franklin on you efforts on the basketball court!