Wednesday, 21 February 2018

From the garden to the table.

In the next couple of weeks many of our school classes are going on school camp.  Our class is going on an alpine camp to Arthur's Pass where we are going to be tramping, river crossing, orienteering and search & rescuing. We can't wait!  
In preparation for school camps our Deputy Principal, Mr B, brought some ingredients from his garden at home into the classroom.  He was going to use these ingredients to make something with a group of senior students.  Then all classes will get to take some of the finished product to use on camp.  We had to identify the ingredients and then deduct what we thought he was going to make.  
Here are some photos of the ingredients.  Can you name them all?  What do you think he was going to make?

We are scientists!

Throughout this year we are going to be focusing our inquiry learning around our garden, our place.  To start off our unit we have been investigating the native trees that are apart of our school grounds. 
Last week we discovered a hidden "treasure" in our garden.  We used our scientist minds to draw and identify this tree.  Most of us knew the name of this tree however we knew very little information about it. This week in literacy time we are going to try and find some of the answers to our questions. 
Here are some photos.  Can you identify our hidden "treasure"?  What facts do you know about this tree?

Welcome to Mamaku 2 2018

Here is a little introduction to Mamaku 2 2018.  We look forward to sharing our 2018 learning journey with you all.