Thursday, 9 June 2016

A visit from Shantytown

This morning we had a fun session with the Shantytown teachers.They taught us about early bartering (trading) between Maori and early European settlers. We got to act out scenes and dress up in costume. It was pretty fun. Check out these pictures!



The Maori chief getting a moko

Maori warriors


Trading blankets moko

Trading a musket for flax fibre

Trading kumara for seafood

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ella @ GMS: Reflection Week 4

Here's a sample of Ella's DLO's for week 4. What an amazing job, and all in one week!

Click the link below.

Ella @ GMS: Reflection Week 4: Numeracy-  This is my Numeracy. We had to use screen castifiy to show our learning and I learnt what 5x29 is. All I did was find the closes...

Kaede @ GMS: Indies screencastify

Last week we joined up with our buddy classes and created a slideshow for their families. They are super cute! Well done Kaede!

Click the link below.

Kaede @ GMS: Indies screencastify

Liam B @ GMS: Main Star Biography

Check out Liam's fabulous Main Star- a biography on an important person in Greymouth's history! Click the link below.

Liam B @ GMS: Main Star Biography: Name :  Richard John Seddon (aka King Dick) Born :   22 June 1845, Eccleston, England Died :   10 June 1906, age 60 at sea Who...