Thursday, 22 September 2016

Little garden lift-off!

Thanks Felix for being a great plant waterer! We have sprouts! Cress and rocket have popped up already and we only planted them on Monday.

So far we have:
watered them
put them in the sun

Tomorrow we might try singing to them!

Do you have another suggestion that we could try?


  1. Kia ora
    Making the little gardens with are buddy's was so much fun i really want to do this again.
    What ones are we missing because i could bring them in from home.
    Bye Heidi

  2. Kia ora. Making the little gardens looked like you guys had so much fun doing them with our buddy class. I wasn't there so i didn't get to do it with you guys but i hope i get to do sometime this time. This remind me when me and my grandma were planting flours I hope you had heaps of fun. Miharo (amazing)

  3. Kia ora, my name is Vegas and I am a student in room 21 at Owairaka School. I really like how you looked after them and water them so well. It made me think of my little garden. Have you thought about showing them what they will look like when there older. If you would like to see my learning, please visit My Blog

  4. Morina Miss Leigh It's Layken. Great job on helping the plants grow Felix I wonder how much work it took to make them grow?

  5. Kia ora Mamaku 3. The little gardens look great don't you think? it takes a lot of time to make the little gardens grow. I really hope we can make more I think did GREAT!
    Ka pai Mamaku 3
    From Lara

  6. Kia ora Miss Leigh. Good jod for helping to water the plants they are growing really well now. how long did it take for them to grow and did you have to water them every day?

  7. Kia Ora M3 it is Leah commenting!
    Well done of the little genders staying alive.
    I was at Kapa Haka when we planted the little gardens was it fun?
    We have little gardens at home I think they are way cooler than any of the other things they have gave out do you?
    from Leah

  8. Kia Ora My name is Eugene and I am a student from Saint Patrick's Panmure, in Room 8
    The way the pots are kept are nice and tidy. What kind of plants are these? I would love to know and grow some! Please visit my blog.

  9. Hello there, I am Justice here from St Patrick's School. I really like that you have planted some plants. Hope they have grown tall and are still alive! My suggestion for you is to make a film of how much fun it is to plant.


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