Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Daily 5 Recap

We have completed a recap of our Daily 5 programme. 

Did we miss anything important?


  1. Hey Mamaku 3
    I really like the way you have done that.I think you have chose a good fit book to read.Maybe next time you could have the answers somewhere.

  2. HELLO MAMAKU 3 I AM BACK. I am very happy that you commented on my blog so now I will comment on your blogs have a nice day

    1. HI! PLZ comment on my blog why did you move schools plz come back!

  3. Kia Ora M3 it is Leah commenting
    Hi Caleb how is your new school going? Do you like it there? what school is better?
    Oh miss Leigh how is berney going?
    I also don't fink that you haven't missed any thing out of the daily 5 Recap!
    From Leah


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